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How would you like a free reverse harem novella? ​

Tessa Hale.jpg

Finding her fated mates had been something Cassidy has dreamed about for as long as she can remember. She never thought someone might try to steal that sacred gift from her and shackle her to a mate who only wanted Cassidy for the power she held.


Terrified and alone, Cass follows her mother’s pleas and runs. She makes her way cross-country to the Ridgewood pack and the rumors of wolves who are as kind as they are fierce.


Instead she is greeted with death threats and dark, haunting eyes. But with time she is welcomed into the pack, finding refuge in their forest haven and in their arms. One connection sparks, then two, and finally a third.


But as fate has brought Cassidy’s mates to protect her, the one who has always wanted her for his own is about to strike. And none of them may make it out this time…

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